Friday, October 3, 2008

Excuse me

So I go to Walmart last night and it's a good thing I have a list. Would be even better if I could read, I get Tums and try to buy a rack like the one in my freezer for the neighbors downstairs (more detail on the freezer adventure to come later) but they were out so I go over to the food section of the store and start collecting the non perishable stuff. By this time I have looked at my list at least 3 times. I finally see "thermo" which is telling me I need to get a refrigerator/freezer thermometer, so back over to the other side I go to get one and then back to the refrigerated section to finish shopping.

I never buy enough stuff that I cannot use the 20 item checkout aisles. A few weeks ago the store manager decided to save money by closing one lane down so there are only 2 or 3 open. To top that off the guy in front of me with a pile of kids gets all checked out and cannot find his debit card. So he says "excuse me" and walks over to the bank in the lobby to get cash, which because he doesn't have a wallet either takes a while, and all of us in line just have to sit and wait. Why can't the cashier just void it out and call a manager to take his cart, with the hot deli meal, away so the rest of us can get on with life?

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