Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli is a bit of a drive, near Metrocenter, but it's the closest decent sandwich shop to work. It isn't as good as Greenberg's in NYNY (my favorite) or Miracle Mile (my favorite in the West Valley) but it isn't bad. We had gone once before for lunch and liked it. This time I tried ordering online for pick-up. The ordering menu is simple to use, it leaves out all but the generic options. The order was ready when it was supposed to be and was just as ordered. Speaking about the food, It was not only good it was too much. Maybe they put more stuff on for email orders or maybe they had a new person they were training or whatever but there was so much meat on my sandwich (pastrami, corned beef and cheese on rye) I gave up at around 85% and only had one bite of potato salad to taste it. Gale had the same sandwich and took 1/2 home and saved her dessert and chips for Monday. Daniel had a roast beef,onions and peppers Po'boy and managed to just down the whole thing and get through his Baklava. The potato salad wasn't as good as mine :-) but it wasn't bad. Even being a chain, overall it is a pretty good deli.

And the total bill for three sandwiches and 3 extras was just about what a truck full of aluminum cans was worth. :-)

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Knitterman said...

We all went to lunch at Jason's Deli after service at Houston Church of Freethought. Having had many a Muffaletta at the original home of Muffalettas in New Orleans, as well as copy-cat versions around N.O., I have to say the Jason's Deli version was a reasonable facsimile. Actually, I ordered something else to eat there and had them prepare a Muff for me to take home... and had to get a go-box for the rest of the lunch I'd ordered to eat there! Yes, they are known for plentiful plates. Maybe you've been slightly cheated on previous visits? :-)