Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cold feet

Last winter I started only heating my apt for a short time when I got up in the morning and setting it at 60° the rest of the time. So yesterday morning is the first time the apt was really chilly and on the way in the shower I hit the heat button. When I opened the shower curtain to dry off I noticed the air was full of steam. This doesn't seem correct (I find it not to make any sense to climate control the place and push all the heat or cooled air out the vent so when the HVAC system is running I don't use the bathroom vent) so I check and the circuit breaker popped. I reset it and this morning it worked fine but I hope this is not an ongoing problem. The cool nights are serving as a reminder that I was going to get a heated spread this year. Air beds share one thing with water beds in that they get cold or warm depending on the room temp and it is hard for the body to warm them up.


Shannon said...

You have an air bed?? Even a regular bed gets hot / cold, however, I'm looking at a possible electric blanket to turn on about 15 minutes before I get in the bed, then I'm fine once I'm under the covers. It is cold here. Getting down to 30 something with chance of flurries this weekend.

Knitterman said...

with adequate covers, you will sleep warmer if you sleep completely nude, regardless the type of bedding. Once you get into the bed and cover up, it'll only take a few minutes for the bed to absorb your body heat.

SharpScott said...

Well, the heated mattress pad has been purchased, just in time for the weather to warm back up again. Having slept nude on unheated water and air beds on concrete floors I'll take the added heat, thank you. Remember I am a lizard, lizards need an outside source of heat. :-)