Friday, November 21, 2008


So I got tired of the one at 59th & Northern. 59th and Bell is getting remodeled to a Supercenter but it will take another year. That leaves 79th & Peoria and 83 & Union Hills, neither of which I knew about until I went looking on the website even though I shop regularly at the Costco just 1/2 mile South on 83rd. I mentioned to a customer that lives in my neighborhood about the two stores and that my neighbor shops at the one at 83 & Union Hills and he said they really keep that store nice. So last night off I went on my way home from work. It is a newer store layout much like the one at Camelback & 101 (I went there once and never again, I never saw a larger collection of over weight women with white spandex and bright colored thongs in my life). This store shares a parking lot with Sam's Club and of course I went in on the wrong end and had to traverse the parking lot.

What a difference! Just in general the store is brighter lit, everything is cleaner and fully stocked and neater displayed and there is more open floor space. And the people! Both employees and customers are more friendly and smiling. With the impending Holiday and folks looking for stuff they do not normally buy there were employees and customers helping find stuff. And conversations amongst strangers as to the variations in green bean casserole and candied yam recipes. The whole experience was a good one. I mentioned the differences between the stores to the young man checking my order and he said it was driven by the managers concept of what the shopping experience should be and he had the entire store caught up in it.

The difference in the more open layout is a corporation thing. Much like the newer Targets which is why I shop at Northern & 91st rather than 79th & Bell. But beyond that it is up to the manager to make it a positive shopping experience. I just hope corporate realizes that and compensates the entire range of employees at that store for their efforts.

Just like many folks I was shopping for some stuff I do not buy often. I knew I had flour on my list and fortunately this new to me store is a 90% mirror image of my old one. Started out with flour which I could read the aisle sign that said flour, then off to bread then I needed marshmallows which after searching I found my self back in the same aisle as the flour. Then I found crushed pineapple in the canned fruit aisle but it took searching about 4 aisles to find raisins about 2 feet from the marshmallows back again in the flour aisle :-).


Knitterman said...


Dried fruits, nuts, marshmallows, and even chocolate without fancy wrappers, and chocolate chips -- all that stuff comes under the category "Stuff Used in Baking". I had to learn the hard way the rationale behind some store layouts. At my store, peanut butter and jelly stuff is right next to the bread, but mayo, mustard, and catsup is somewhere else, near the vinegar. There are 3-4 places in a store to find "chocolate", for example, so you have to think about what kind you want and what you plan to do with it.

My Kroger yesterday had not a speck of "Pumpkin Pie Spice" so I had to buy a new Allspice and a new Nutmeg. But they did have "Apple Pie Spice". Go figure!

As for the overweight women in spandex and neon thongs... they're everywhere. It's an 'expanding' problem all over the country. hehehe

went today, showed yesterday's receipt, and they didn't even bother to find the checker. They just replaced those missing items. It's good to be a regular face. :-)

Shannon said...

I love Walmart, however, the one in Jefferson City is all mixed up from what I was used to in Vero and Sebastian, FL. Those two were mirror images. The one here in Jeff City is just like Florida, but Morristown.. forget it. I get all twisted around in the Morristown because it's far from a mirror image. Doesn't make sense at all!
We have the friendliest greeter at our Walmart, Bob. He sounds like Santa Clause when you come in. OVERLY positive, jolly, ready to say something upbeat. It's great. I look forward to seeing Bob when I go and miss him if he's not there.
We don't just have the overweight people, but overweight with shirts that don't even closely fit over the huge hillbilly beer belly. GROSSS!!!! The other image is a guy or girl (yes, girl) walkin' around walmart with the overalls and no shirt underneath. (Girls wear a sports bra) Grosserrr! Flab hanging out the sides and the overalls just barely go up to the hips so flab is sticking out all over the place. Unfortunately the store is not big enough to make wide enough aisle. I just hate playing bumper cars when you try to pass.
Is there really any rationale to store layouts or does every store have their own rationale to confuse us and make us pass more items getting more than what we went to get in the first place?

Knitterman said...

yes, Shannon, there is a lot of science that goes into placement of things. Not all stores follow the same model, but you can be sure they are putting things where Mr/Ms Potential Customer will likely grab them. They usually get my dollar with their loss-leaders placed at the ends of the aisles, since I rarely shop inside the aisles and mostly shop the perimeter and center (produce, meats, frozen, and dairy).