Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wok n Stix

8110 W. Union Hills Dr, Glendale

So Wednesday evening I needed milk and cat food. On my way to the store I realized my stomach was growling. Never a good idea to shop on an empty stomach. A while back in The Savvy Shopper rag in the China Grill ad was a little banner about Wok n Stix being a new location. And because of an event that fell apart this week I had a bug to eat something Asian. So I found it and stopped in.

Chinese fast food. They also have hamburgers and a few other things. I stuck with something I figured I would like, orange chicken ($7.95). Most of my Chinese fast food consists of Panda Express and Ming Gee. This was much better, in addition to the onions and bell peppers listed mine had mushrooms, celery, sprouts and some other stuff. Service was on styrofoam with plastic utensils. Even though I was eating in the rice came in a take out box which I thought was sorta weird. I still hate eating out alone but at least I wasn't the only person in the place. Each side of the place had a long upholstered bench with tables and chairs that could be slid along to make up different seating and two tables in the middle.

There was nobody being served at the front counter when I was finished so I stopped and talked to the woman there and found out she is an owner. They have had the place for 6 months and are the same family that owns China Grill not far away.

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