Friday, January 30, 2009

Bantu Bistro

4447 N 7th Ave. (at Campbell), Phoenix

West African. Chef/owner is from Cameroon. We had a party of about 15 in a restaurant that recently opened and only seats 30 or so inside. Fortunately we had called ahead and they brought in an extra server just for us. None of us knew what to expect. Different forms of vegetable stews with meat added. I had curry goat with fufu and rice. We were served fried plantains with a mild chili sauce for an appetizer. Being such a large group the dishes were only lukewarm except for the multi bean soup which he brought out for use to try during the meal. With the exception of a couple of Okra dishes everybody was happy and went away full for less than $15 for food (my tab was $20 including tax, tip and a beer).

edited (1/31) to add: The owner and staff went out of their way to make us feel like family. He is open to feedback and if he keeps making edible food and treating his guests properly he should do quite well.

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