Monday, January 5, 2009

Bayside Buffet

Las Vegas, Nevada, inside Mandalay Bay

Went there for dinner on Monday night. Not real impressed. The place is not much larger than a Golden Corral. Being sort of cheap I usually stay at Excalibur and at least once each stay go to the buffet. Last Christmas I decided to spend an extra $5 and try the buffet at the Luxor and was well rewarded. So this year I opted to spend yet another $5 ($26.99 +tax) to see what it got me. Last year at the Luxor was much better. Very small salad bar. Limited cooked vegetables. Several meat and starch dishes, almost all were cold or lukewarm. Several of the seafood items (hot and cold) were soggy. I did leave room for dessert and it was very good. This place has all the pieces in place to be good and they just are not pulling it off well. They have several seafood offerings, they use smaller warming trays so they get changed out more often which should keep food warm and not dried out. I ate between the opening rush and the 7PM dinner rush so the place was only about 80% full and the lines were reasonable. My server kept my plates cleared and my Iced tea full. I did notice this trip the entire MGM family seems to be cutting back on quality and value compared to when I was there in July.

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Shannon said...

Did you say $26.99 +tax for ONE person!?!?!? Wow.... we cry when we are paying $30 for TWO! We go to the chinese buffet when we have coupons and Golden Corral when we want to splurge. LOL! :)