Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mr D'z Diner

105 E Andy Devine Blvd, Kingman, AZ

It's really more of a 3 but I'll get to that. I stopped by on my way back from Vegas based on the recommendations of friends who had eaten there. It is easy to get to going either direction through town, going towards Phoenix continue past I40 on Beale and follow the signs to route 66. Heading towards Vegas get off at Andy Devine (Rte 66) and head West.

I ordered a cheeseburger, salad and a glass of root beer. The salad came and I was about 1/3 of the way through it when I saw my cheeseburger come out. One of the other waitresses picking up a breakfast order mentioned the cheeseburger came up and my waitress just kept on refilling jelly baskets and stuff and she happened to glance up and see the cheeseburger still sitting under the lamp and got it for me. It was still on my part of the counter before I was done with my salad and ready for it so no harm was done. When I mentioned to my friend who my waitress was the first thing he asked was how long my food had sat under the heat lamps. Other than that one item the service was good, I was greeted upon entering, my root beer mug was kept filled and I was asked what condiments I wanted on my burger when it was served as it comes dry. The food was fine, not great. The root beer was great. Where I sat at the counter I could see all the food coming out and even though it was close to 11 most folks were still getting breakfast. I didn't see anything that did not look good. If I lived in the area I might stop on occasion, I bet the tables get scarce for weekend breakfasts.

The building is old but brightly painted and clean. It looks like the second dining room used to be part of the outside dining area. I have yet to be in Kingman when the wind wasn't blowing or it was cold or both so am not sure why they even have outside dining. The whole package is what you would expect from an old diner.

If I were reviewing this place in town I would give it a 3 as a place with average food, reasonable pricing and mostly good service. I gave it a 4 because it is nice to have a place not far off the highway that is not corporate chain food. And I am not the only one that drives from the Phoenix area to Vegas or Laughlin.


Knitterman said...

I must have missed your scale. You gave this place a "4" out of "..?.."

And considering your line of work, you should 4 Blades or 3 Blades or whatever. :-)

SharpScott said...

The scale is 1 to 5. I actually just copied over the review I wrote on Yelp.