Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vegas, day 1

OK, so I am caught up on food writing for the moment. Now to bore you with 4 days of my trip. :-)

Right off the bat I had a delay. As I got in my truck I noticed the windshield was dirty and hit the washer, instant ice. Even though it was 8:15 and sunny it was only 37 outside and it is quite common to ice over a windshield at that temperature. So I had to wait for the defroster to work. Uneventful drive to Wickenburg where I stopped at Vulture Mine Rd. and picked up a breakfast sandwich from Jack in the Box. I had my own thermos of coffee to drink for the trip. This gas station, minimart, fast food place opened up just a couple of years ago and is easy to get to. Also much friendlier to travelers than the Chevron that used to be the last place North in Wickenburg. Made a pit/smoke stop in Wikeup. I finally got to see some snow after getting on I40 for the short run in to Kingman.

In Kingman I stopped and grabbed a cheeseburger and fries at In and Out. They do a pretty good job of using fresh stuff and making the food the same way every time and every location. Going in to Kingman the congestion light was off so I took the shorter route over Hoover dam. The bridge is coming along but it seems to be taking forever. Currently they hope to have it usable by the end of 2010.

Traffic may have been easy going Westbound but going the other way it was backed up the full 8 miles from the dam to the light in Boulder City. I got to my hotel, had a beer and took a nap before heading out on the strip in the late afternoon. I never did see a temperature all day over 41 so I was bundled up pretty well. Ended up having dinner at Margaritaville in the Flamingo.

On the way back I stopped and got a souvenir glass full of PiƱa Colada at Paris. The drink wasn't that great but I spent a bit of time at the outdoor bar chatting with the bartender and some locals getting off work and waiting on the bus. About that time I called it a night.

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Knitterman said...

another bridge I probably won't be going over. I don't like bridges, esp. high ones over vast deep spans. ICK! Pretty to look at, creepy to be on.