Monday, July 20, 2009

Everything you always wanted to know about sex...

...but were afraid to ask.

1971. Woody Allen, Burt Reynolds, Louise Lasser. Tony Randall, John Carradine, Gene Wilder, Lynn Redgrave, Lou Jacobi, Anthony Quayle. Directed by Woody Allen.

Woody Allen takes seven questions from the book by the same name written by Dr David Rueben and turns them into seven silly vignettes. All 7 are in a different presentation style. Some are OK, some are great. Overall I liked the movie but I could see why a gen X person might not because some of the basis is seated in values prevelant at the time. Woody Allen is a brilliant director but much of his story lines get mired in the technical. I recently tried twice to watch Match Point and gave up because it moved too slow. For the most part this movie moves along quickly while retaining Mr Allen's attention to detail.

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You should put up a survey on the most asked sex question... now that would be worth -arod