Saturday, July 2, 2011


In addition to being exposed to several new cuisines my Yelp friends have encouraged me to try several different types of beers.  Generally I have had lagers with my most consistent purchase being MGD.  I already knew I did not care for light beers.  Not surprisingly I found out Heineken and Corona were almost identical chemically.  Getting in to craft beers I had my first taste of Fat Tire about 4 years ago in Las Vegas and still enjoy it.  I find I really like wheat beers with some of my favorites being Widmer Hefeweizen, Shock Top and Mothership Wit.  Most of the time I prefer them without the added or blended fruit.  Generally I like pale ales and summer ales.  Having tried several I still have not developed a liking for IPAs or anything heavy and dark or sweet or heavy in hops.  Bud sucks!  Now that I have a larger selection of beers that I like I can usually find something on tap I like.  And Coors rates right with Bud.  I am on the fence about Pilsners having had some I like liked and some I thought were bitter.

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