Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Hot week

I don't often talk much about the weather here.  Especially in the summer as, except for a few wonderful thunderstorms, it's just plain hot for most folks.  Those of us who spend most of their day without A/C have a lot less trouble with the heat.  I have gone through several official 120°+ days, but most of those are in June, before the monsoon moisture settles in and the dew point pretty much stays over 55° rendering evaporative coolers almost useless.  Well this last week has brought temperatures that have come close to or set new records every day.  The culmination came on Friday when a new record was set, not only for the day, but for the entire month of August.  And although it has not felt as heavy as many points in the East the moisture has certainly been felt.  As I write this I acknowledge many of the folks on the East coast, especially around New York would trade my damp heat for Hurricane Irene in a second.  The official high temperature on Friday was 117°.  Here is a picture of the thermometer in my car taken about 5PM on Friday.

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