Sunday, March 17, 2013

Drill press chuck key

Back in 93 I moved to Arizona from California.  Some where after that I realized I could not find my chuck key.  Not having time for much woodworking anymore It wasn't a huge priority.  I tried ordering a few that looked right from MSC but even the closest would just barely work.  Those who know me know that I like to keep things organized and keeping the wrenches that fit a tool next to that tool rather than in a toolbox somewhere is part of that organization.  I have been known to buy extra wrenches so each machine has it's own set.  The most logical place I thought I would have put the wrench for moving was the drawer with the drill bits in it like I did for the portable drills.  Recently I had need for the drill press and fought with almost correct one I had.  After that I pondered a bit about where an organized person might have put the chuck key for travel.  It finally dawned on me to open the belt housing at the top and sure enough it was there.  I was lucky it had not caught in the belts and it had stayed there as the cover had gotten damaged in the move and was open part of the trip.

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