Saturday, October 4, 2008

The appliances

As promised here is the saga of the appliances. When I renewed my apartment lease I mentioned the only reason my stove was working was I "borrowed" parts from a vacant apartment and my soap dispenser was still broken in my dishwasher. Last year I mentioned my burners were shot and my soap dispenser was broken and was told we will get around to it. Well that lead to me fixing the stove and I dealt with the dishwasher by opening the door and adding soap after the first cycle. This year the market is different and when I brought it up they said, in writing this time, they would just replace both units. Still they didn't say when.

Jump forward a couple of weeks. I come home form Costco on a Thursday night and I have 6 pounds of fresh ground beef patties and 5 pounds of cheese and a case of Octoberfest and I turn on my light and find a new refrigerator where my dining room table used to be. Thanks for the warning folks. The new stove is plugged in but wobbles and the dishwasher I was expecting is nowhere to be seen. So what do I do with my fresh stuff? I left the beer in the case as I had some already cold. Ran a half load in the dishwasher so I could clear it out. The next morning I took some stuff and put it in the cooler and other stuff I just left out that could go a day and transferred the rest to the new fridge. When the office opened I called and found out they were coming back that day to level the stove and swap the refrigerators. They were not sure when the dishwasher would arrive. As it turns out they had a delayed move in and used that dishwasher for me.

Apparently because they are in the process of complete remodels in vacant units they had a contract for complete sets of appliances which is why I got a new fridge. The new one is 17 cubic as opposed to 15.5 in the old one. But the gain is really larger in the refrigerated section at the cost of freezer space. I tend to buy things in bulk and cook extra portions so I can freeze them. That means I really do utilize a freezer. My first attempt at loading the freezer is on top. Note I have no ice trays or ice storage. and every time I tried to find something I had food on the floor. Walmart to the rescue. I found an expandable rack just the right size for $9.88. It's still really full but I can now have ice and move stuff around to get to it.

The stove has a bit of a learning curve. Med is not what med used to be so I have almost burned a few things. It is level with the surrounding countertops but not really level, I can fix that. I recalibrated the oven knob, it was only off by 15°. The fridge/freezer each turned out to be about 15° warmer than desired so I am glad I checked it.

I really need to get better at picture placement :-(

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Shannon said...

That is great! Richard and I bought a fridge when we moved to the new house, but it only had a rack on the left 6" of the freezer. We went to Walmart and found a set of various sized racks and one fit perfectly. The other we put in the sink for draining dishes. (We don't have a dishwasher).