Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cox to the rescue!

Yesterday, 18 days after I made my service request, I got the following back from the tech center:

Thank you for your recent e-mail to Cox Communications. We apologize

for the delay in our response.  We are sorry to hear that your cable
services were not working properly...

Our records indicate that you have already resolved this issue.

We look forward to having an opportunity to assist you in the future.
Thank you again for contacting us via e-mail. Please let us know if we
can be of further assistance.

I guess I should give them credit for at least trying but that is hardly timely on their part. And as noted was a full 14 days after I went in and got new equipment.

1 comment:

Knitterman said...

Section 17, subparagraph (b), item 3 of the customer service manual:

"If you ignore the work order long enough the customer will fix it himself or voluntarily become some other company's problem to deal with."