Sunday, October 19, 2008

Imagine me and you

a movie review

This is a movie I added to my queue based on the trailer seen on another rental. I should point out I am very hetero. However I have relatives that are gay, lesbian or bi-curious so I have been exposed to alternate lifestyles since I was about 8, not that I understood it then. Just like religion and politics, as long as a person doesn't heavily promote their preferences I try not to let the part weigh negatively against the whole.

From the trailer it looked like another romantic comedy. Typical of a romantic comedy it was 90 minutes long and had a common story line of wondering if the correct partner had been chosen because of a chance meeting at a wedding. And of course there were side issues involving some of the lessor characters. Where this differed was the bride became intrigued with the woman florist who catered the wedding. Side issues included the best man chasing after the openly gay florist and the coming out of the bride. It was light, had humorous moments. tastefully done and in general was a fun movie to watch. Some of the dialogue was lost in the heavy British accents, especially the younger sister of the bride.

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