Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pork stir fry

Started with a bottled stir fry sauce, added ground garlic, ginger, honey and Sriracha. One of these days I will learn a little Sriracha goes a long way . Then I took a boneless loin chop and cubed it (this one one of the 1" + chops from Costco). Dry rubbed it with Garam Masala and set the meat and the sauce on the counter to come up to room temperature (65°) and absorb the flavors. After about 40 minutes I wokked the meat in peanut oil. Set the meat aside and switched to butter and did a bag of frozen pepper strips and 2 diced onions. Drained off the liquids, put the meat back in, added the sauce and brought the whole thing up to temp and served over rice. This is one of the few times the veggies got cooked less than mush, I am learning to stop cooking them when they are done and draining off the liquid rather than trying to reduce all the liquid out while cooking. That made two servings so I get one for lunch this coming week.


Knitterman said...

what is Sriracha? From your description I'm guessing it is something "hot", but I've never heard of it.

I'm eating leftover hash from yesterday ... into which I failed to put ANY salt. blahhh

SharpScott said...

Sriracha is an Asian (Thai) hot sauce made with sun dried chiles. Many folks call it "rooster sauce" rather than trying to pronounce it as there is an image of a rooster on the clear plastic bottle. I prefer it to Tabasco for adding a little heat.