Saturday, October 4, 2008

Silence is not always golden

Thursday night I lost sound from my television. I tried moving cables around and figured out my converter box is bad. Now I get to spend another 2-3 hours round trip with the Cox service center. The drive is only about 20 minutes each way. It's just like the MVD (yes I know Calif. DMV takes appointments ;-) ) where you take a number and wait and wait and wait. Typically they have 4 people on staff and the wait is about an hour. They have seats for about 30 and there is usually twice that many. And a sign that the restrooms are for employees only. It would go much faster if more folks knew why they were there and understood how to be ready for their part of the transaction. Verizon used to be like that and then they figured out that having 2 people to wait on 30 or more was costing them customers. Now there is a cell phone store on every corner.

The irony of this is when I watch tv it is usually sports and I don't care for listening to announcers fill air space so the sound is off and the radio is on. What I do use the sound for is the commercial free digital music which I have wired direct to the home theater box.

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