Friday, October 31, 2008

Suns vs Hornets

Well that was the excuse anyway. I was just putting the cake in (more on that later) when Amy called and said Manuel and Steve were off getting stuff for the grill and I should come down for the game. I told her I would be down when the cake came out. Turned out it was game time by the time I got there and most of the chips and dips were history. The hot links were just coming off so I had a couple of those and we sat around drinking, watching the game and just talking sports in general. Manuel cooks brats like I do, cooks them on low for a long time so most of the fat goes away. As usual I was drinking beer, as was Steve, and Manuel was working on rum and cokes. We were all drinking too much for a weeknight but Manuel works 4 10s so he is off today. About halftime Amy comes out from house work and joins us and hands me a rum and coke which I thought would do me in mixing drinks. At least it was an 8oz instead of the 24 ouncers Manuel was mixing. Just before 10 I brought down dessert. The Suns lost but by that time none of us really cared. :-)

ps: I got up on time and no hangover.

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