Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ahhhh warmth !

So following my plan I picked up a heated mattress pad a couple of weeks ago. This weekend it got just a bit of a chill at night so I used installing the pad as a reason for my semi annual bedding change. Cranked that sucker up to 2 and snuggled in. Had to drop a bit of air out that I had recently put in as it expanded with the heat. Only problem is I don't want to get out of it in the morning. :-)


Knitterman said...

Please don't tell me you only change the sheets every 6 months! Or did you mean adding winter blankets and stuff?

You sleep on an air bed?

SharpScott said...

I have a basic Select Comfort full size. Air beds only work well on a solid base so I have a sheet of plywood on top of my box spring. The air bed is no more comfortable than a cheap air mattress but I got tired of having to replace them every six-twelve months. And I can still carry an air mattress by myself up stairs but not a regular mattress.

The sheets actually go about 9 months without being changed. However I only sleep in them in the winter and change them much more often when I am actually using them. Pillow cases and the top blanket I sleep on get washed frequently.

Shannon said...

Do you like air mattresses or just not going to buy a real one? I had to get a mattress with a pillow top to be comfortable. About $500 for the set.

SharpScott said...

Yes, I like the air mattress. It has many of the good points of a water bed without the hassle. Just to make sure I liked it before spending the money I went through 2 of the guest bed types.