Saturday, November 29, 2008


Nothing against them, but I wouldn't have one in an apartment. They have needs too and as an owner you have to schedule around them. So here it is Thanksgiving morning. Time to sleep in late and wander around the apartment sort of half dressed and have a leisurely breakfast. WRONG! I got the sleep in late (7:00AM) part down but as soon as I got out of he shower I had to run downstairs and take Duchess out to do her thing. No coffee, no clean teeth, sort of thrown together. At least I wasn't alone, I saw several folks in various states of dress and awakeness doing the same thing, all hoping nobody was going to see them and mumbling good mornings under their breath lest their breath knock somebody over. :-) As dogs go Duchess is pretty cool, hardly ever barks, doesn't chase cats, is always ready to go for a walk or any where for that matter. We have one ongoing disagreement however: her owners walk her without a leash and I won't take her out without one more for her protection than anyone else's as she loves everybody. She has been taught to stay away from the dumpster and so she normally waits at the walk while her "baggage" gets tossed. So I go trying to get her close enough to toss the bag in and have to drag her kicking and squirming over there. If nobody is around I will give in and just drop the leash and she goes over to the walk. *sigh*

edit for those who didn't know: Duchess belongs to neighbors downstairs who were away for the week. I quite often take care of her when they go out of town unless I go out of town with them. Duchess is getting older and stumbles going back down the stairs so I don't really "have" her so much as taking care of her needs.


Shannon said...

Who is Duchess and why do you have her?

Arodnaz said...

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my baby... Duchess thanks you for all the walks and allowing her to poop 4-10x in a row... lmao..., jk... :)