Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tums, a pondering

Calcium carbonate in all it's different brand names. I keep some at work, home and in the truck when I travel. Good for mild indigestion and as a calcium supplement. Initially each tablet was 250mg. Then came extra strength at 500mg. Now the regular is 500mg and you can seldom find it on the shelves. Extra is now 750mg and Ultra is 1000mg. No matter what strength you get the serving size is always 2 tablets. So how do you decide which strength to buy? My typical usage is down one every 5 minutes, with a glass of water when available, until I feel better. Thanks to Google I finally found the maximum usage is 7,500mg in a 24 hour period. And to further confuse the issue if it says 750mg on the front only about 1/2 that is calcium carbonate which may be why original used to be 250mg and is now 500mg (gotta love creative labeling). No way have I ever some close to the maximum so I am thinking maybe this is all more than I needed to know. :-)


Shannon said...

Too keep depression at bay, doctors advise 1000 mg calcium every day and 1 tums is good. However, when I have a sour stomach, I drink dill pickle juice, and if I really have a bad sour stomach, I drink the juice and eat some pickles. Do you know how hard it is to get pickles in a restaurant!? Hello... it's a RESTAURANT and most serve burgers right? They tell me that they can't give me or don't have dill pickles. Many waitresses look at me and say, "I don't think we have pickles" and that's when I point out that the menu says "PICKLES" under the additions to burgers. They look at me like a dumb blonde and say, "Huh! I didn't know that" or "Wow... learn something new every day!"

Anonymous said...

Yes. Dill pickles (and their packing brine) are good because there is a chemical in the dill that acts much like the proton pump inhibitors found in omeprazole (Prilosec). It also helps stop hiccups to ease the spasms of the diaphram. :-)

And like Shannon mentioned about restaurants -- the cheap restaurants and old time diners ("greasy spoons") used to ALWAYS include a dill spear on the side of the plate. That was intended to relieve heartburn AND help minimize gas/bloating after the rest of the meal. It wasn't just to look pretty. :-)