Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey omelet

First is the prep of chopping up turkey and green onions. They will get tossed in the microwave for about 15 seconds before being added to the eggs. And I realize the cutting board is stained, it has been bleached, vinegared, Simple Greened and run through the dishwasher and clean stained it will likely remain.

Here is the omelet in the pan. The pan was preheated with shortening, lightly wiped and 1tbs of butter heated until clear before the ingredients were added. All the ingredients except the cheese were brought up to room (65°) temp before cooking.

Here it is with the cheese after being tossed. You will have to take my word I flipped it in the air. Flipping it is one thing, flipping it while trying to get a picture in the air with the other hand just isn't going to happen. :-)

Here it is presented on the plate.

And here it is ready to eat. Yep, that is gravy on top, if you don't do gravy for breakfast you can use sour cream too. And that plate really is 11" across. :-)


Knitterman said...

Gravy on an omelet? ewwwwww

Shannon said...

I second that.

Shannon said...

Wait, sour cream on an omelet??? Not sure that's any better!

SharpScott said...

Hmphh, not one comment on how the omelet itself looked before the offending topping was added. ;)

Knitterman said...

It looked like an omelet with the innards oozing out where they shouldn't be. :-)

And it looks like it's folded over too far, with the top roughly even with the bottom. The top is supposed to be folded over within about 1/2 to 1 inch from the lower edge, allowing all the goodies to form a "smile" around the edge between the bottom and the top.

But, in your case I don't imagine you need to perfect the 'presentation' of a meal, so who cares what it looks like? As long as YOU like it, isn't that all that really matters?


Steve said...

Now, wait a minute on the brown gravy. If anyone has had Egg Foo Young, it has brown gravy on it and it's really good. This would be kinda like Turkey Egg Foo young, right?