Monday, January 19, 2009

Dim Sum and Cardinals

I took the entire day off Sunday and met a group for Dim Sum about 10:30 at the Great Wall (35th and Camelback). I had never done this before and was glad several in the group had. All I had to do was say "what next?" and something appeared on my plate with a explanation of what it was. It was interesting using chopsticks on things that were large and had to be taken apart with the them. Many folks gravitated to forks pretty quickly (not me). It was a lot of fun and I ended up eating several things I would never have tried on my own. Some of it was good and some just OK but that is influenced by my Western taste buds. Nothing tasted bad to me. Because I still have no clue what to get from the roaming carts I will stick to going in groups.

Then part of that group met up with some other folks at Gallagher's (16th St, between Glendale and Northern) to watch the NFC championship game. The Cardinals won so it was a rowdy happy bunch. Every sports bar in town, including this one, was packed. I had two Fat Tires and an order of skins. Most of the the younger folks were out eating and drinking me but I was driving and I didn't need all the extra carbs that comes with most bar food. Except for one persons salad the food was ok. The service was a bit slow because they had a full house.

All in all it was a great relaxing day.


Knitterman said...

I'm not a sports fan so I don't keep up with stuff, but yesterday the question arose -- when did the Cardinals move to Arizona? I thought they were from somewhere else.

Are you going to describe a "Fat Tire"?? Is it a food? a drink? a vehicular anomaly?

SharpScott said...

First off the Cardinals question. They moved to Arizona in 1988 from St Louis (1960-1987). They were originally in Chicago (1898-1959).

Fat Tire is an Amber Ale produced by New Belgium brewery ( in Fort Collins, CO. It is one of the better beers available widely on tap. I can't stand Bud, Coors or anything Light. And I thought I needed to get out more. :-)

Knitterman said...

oh. okay. I'll look for it if I go to Specs. If it's in Houston, it'll be at Specs.

Anonymous said...

You always surprise me with your days off! Its like your creativity peaks on those days, good for you! What next sky