Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The flu sucks

Today is day 10. I am still stopped up, but not bad. I have a deep chesty cough that makes folks back well away from me. It is a good thing I have homemade turkey soup around, I wanted to try some Pho but was not ready to go sit down in a restaurant and several folks have hinted it does not do as well for take out as other Asian dishes. My energy level is starting to go back up. Over the weekend I slept 10+ hours each of the three nights and took naps. And all of the body aches are gone. Of course that means I am way behind at work. I'll try and get the rest of the Vegas trip up this week.


Knitterman said...

Martyrdom is SO over-rated! The world will not end if you give your self permission to take a sick day when your body really really needs it. You're on the mend now, of course, but you really need to let yourself just BE sick when you get sick. Stay home a day. I'd bet not a single one of your regular customers will take their business elsewhere if you are one day late.

Shannon said...

I have to agree....sometimes you make things worse pushing yourself to work. Be sick and wallow in your sickness for a day at home. :)