Saturday, January 3, 2009


Last evening I had the pleasure of attending the 40th anniversary production of Hair the musical as a guest of Yelp and the ATC. I was in High School when the play first opened in 1968. Thus the sounds and dress were very familiar to me. And to this day I still think the production is an accurate reflection of the times and some of the things that went on. Having spent 4 years in stage crew in school I still watch the mechanics of the people behind the scenes as they are just as much responsible for the show. I saw only one slip and they caught it so quick most folks would not have noticed, very good for opening night on a different stage! The show itself was awesome. One of many things I gauge the quality of a show is whether I check the time or how far along it is in the program. I never once did that.

Last night marked a couple of firsts for me. This is my first visit to the Herberger and I think it is a first class facility in all respects other than the number of folks that can be accommodated at one time in the restrooms. Not that this facility is distinct in that category. The other first was it was my first Yelp event and I got to meet 5 new friends. Wait until they find out I almost always have my camera. :-)


The Herberger


Anonymous said...

OMG! I so want to see these pics. -Arod

SharpScott said...

Sorry, no cameras allowed in the theater.

Knitterman said...

Holy cow... I had to download, blow up and lighten the first picture to realize that isn't you in the back there.

SharpScott said...

Kevmo is a whole bunch younger than me. I suggest you get a new monitor and glasses. I have no trouble seeing that picture.