Tuesday, February 10, 2009

China Chan

Metrocenter loop, Chinese

Met a bunch of Yelpers here Sunday at 10:30 for Dim Sum. Good thing we got there early, about an hour later the place started to pack in and we would have had trouble seating our group of 12 + two little ones. This place does Dim Sum a little differently in that there are no carts. The restaurant is not really big enough to seat the hundred plus people it takes to make the carts work. In addition to an order card there is a picture menu of most of the items. The system worked very well and each item was brought to our table as it was ready. Being only my second Dim Sum experience I was still sort of at the mercy of the others to choose what gets picked out but next time I have enough ideas that I will have some input. I've decided I prefer many of the baked items over similar steamed ones, just don't ask me to name any of them. As a group I think we decided the quality of both the food and the experience was better here than the Great Wall. And it was cheap, we each tossed in $10 like we had last time and the wait staff came out pretty good as the tab with tax was only about $6.50 per adult. Just before we were done the owners of Sweet Republic came in with some friends of theirs.

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