Thursday, February 26, 2009

Il Posto

9832 N 7th St., Phoenix

One of the Yelp group decided that happy hour would be a cool thing to do here. She arranged to get happy hour pricing for the group all evening. It was the rolling out of their new line of specialty pizzas and the group of 20 or so must have bought like a dozen different ones. The weather was in the 70's and the entire evening was great. It was also Fat Tuesday so there were plenty of beads but none of the women were willing to "pay" for them. :-(

Here is also a copy of my Yelp review:

That has got to be one of the coolest patios in town for a get together. I was another of the Yelp group (and friends) in attendance last night for happy hour. We had a long table reserved for us. The bartender was also our waiter for the evening. To my knowledge, with all of us moving around, I don't think he screwed up a single order of food or drink. The manager, Matt, came by to check on us several times. I arrived fairly early and before I was tempted to work my way through multiple baskets of the wonderful bread and pesto I ordered a serving of crab cakes. They were quite good, certainly not enough volume to replace an entree. I was offered several choices of pizza slices and accepted a bruscetta one which was delicious. Of the many pizzas ordered I did not hear one person that was less than satisfied. I do of sort regret not trying the white pizza but I was at that not full but no longer hungry point where I should, but don't always, stop. We did cause one hiccup in the evening, many of us decided it was time to go at the same time and with all the separate bills to figure out at once it swamped the entire staff to the point a couple of people at the bar complained they couldn't get a drink. Most of the night we ordered as individuals or pairs as we saw fit so we never overwhelmed the kitchen or the server. I have yet to figure out why groups of people (non business) that are going to be there for a couple of hours anyway have to all order and get served at the same time. We must have at least looked like we were well behaved, Matt invited us back.


Knitterman said...

O'course, you realize a proper gentleman would give beads to a lady without "payment". hehehehehe

Sounds like your party location has enough party/group business they know how to handle it all and keep the goodies flowing fairly well.

SharpScott said...

From somebody that used to live in the Quarter, that's funny! :-)