Thursday, February 12, 2009



This was held last night and a fellow Yelper asked the group if they would "dine" at McDonalds for her school. What a zoo! :-) The place was packed with parents and grandparents and kids and teachers. But it was a fun atmosphere. There is a reason I don't care to drive across town in rush hour traffic but I made it on time for Julia's shift. First time I can recall using a urinal where the plumbing was tied down with cabling to keep it from being stolen.


Knitterman said...

And you didn't get a picture of the urinal? You'll have to go back. That is definitely blog-worthy.

Is this a McD actually located INside a school? Or a school-sponsored event at a regular McD's?

SharpScott said...

It is a McDonald's (actually the franchisee) charity fund raiser sponsored event at a regular McDonalds.

And I do not intend to make another hour round trip to take a picture of a urinal. :-)