Saturday, August 15, 2009

PJs and Eggs

Friday August 14th, 5-9PM

This event was hosted by Hickman's Family Farms and several restaurants normally only open for breakfast and lunch. It was a charity event to benefit Arizona foster children. The deal was: you bring in a pair of new childrens pajamas and you get a dozen eggs. And while you are there you can eat off of the breakfast menu. I went to Scramble with a group of Yelpers and we ended up sitting around for almost two hours. Attendees were encouraged to wear pajamas to the event and many families had children in pajamas but the only adults I saw in any type of house wear were the employees of Hickman's and the restaurant. It was really a fun event.

Here is a picture album of the event. I am not sure whether you need a Facebook account to view it or not.

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