Saturday, February 13, 2010

I think I work too much

About a month ago my driver got tired of me expecting her to actually work and stormed off. So, the economy basically sucking right now, I took over her position too. She was getting paid for 30 hours and it has added about 20 hours a week to my already 60-70. That's why I haven't posted much, heck I haven't even posted my description of my Vegas trip at Christmas yet. At some point in time business will pick back up and I will again hire help, most likely a combination of prep work in the shop and driving the pick up and delivery route.

I did indeed get over to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast last week. I had to stand around in the parking lot for a while as they don't open until 7AM. It was a little more expensive than my breakfast out the previous two weeks but it was a little better food too.

Last night I did get out. There was a Yelp UYE at FEZ in honor of a Yelper that used to live here and was in town for the weekend. It was good to get out and see some old friends again. Through Yelp I also have a ticket for this coming Thursday to see [insert title here) at the Herberger.

Last Saturday evening I cooked a turkey breast at 225°. I didn't realize it was going to take 7-8 hours and bumped up the temp for an hour at the end (I was really ready for bed!) so it only took just over 6. I turned out real well and I have been on a turkey diet for the last week.

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