Thursday, March 4, 2010

My First cake

To be more accurate this was the first cake I baked entirely from scratch. The few I have done before were box mixes and canned frosting. What started this all off is I accidentally bought a box of powdered sugar when I was baking cookies for the holidays and the only thing I could think to do with it was make butter cream frosting. And it just didn't seem right to waste scratch frosting on a boxed cake mix. A couple of other firsts for me, First time I separated egg yolks from whites and the first time I used unsalted butter. The cake was chocolate and I thought it to be a bit dry and folks said it could be from baking too long (I was using a recipe for a layer cake and made a sheet cake) to I should always expect scratch cakes to be a bit drier. The orange butter cream frosting turned out perfect! I have decided I do not have enough spatulas, mixing bowls or counter space to be doing this on a regular basis. Overall it was a pretty good cake and all who sampled it liked it.

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