Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stood up

So a bunch of us in the complex have been trash talking each others football teams for a while now. One of the guys comes by Thursday and asked if I wanted to meet up today to have a beer and watch the game. Well I already lost a day of production because of the holiday but it sounds like fun and I said I would try. Fast forward to Sunday: I am in pretty good shape for Mondays deliveries but not quite finished. I forgo my Sunday sleep in, Have a quick bowl of Cheerios instead of a big breakfast, get all my work done, change clothes and get across town to the bar/restaurant right at the kickoff. Don't see his truck, go inside and cannot find him, call his cell and nobody answers. So now I am hungry and am not watching a game. Guess I'll go home, turn on the tv and clean the bathroom or something.


He was indeed there, there was one more place in the restaurant I did not know about. He took a ration from his buddies at work when I had him look at his cell phone to see the calls he didn't answer before I left to go and while I was looking for him. :-) And because he didn't recognize my number he didn't listen to the voice mails. Anyway I got a cleaner apt..

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Knitterman said...

Well, there's your problems.

The first one is that you said you would "try". In social-speak that means "probably not".

Did you speak with him at all between the invitation on Thursday and going across town on Sunday? If you didn't change your "try" to a "yes", he had no reason to think you'd show, so he was free to make other plans.

The time to call him would have been before heading out the door to go across town, preferably on the day before. :-)