Saturday, December 6, 2008


2815 W. Peoria, Phoenix

So yesterday I found myself without a lunch at work. Normally my driver goes for take out so when that happens I will just order something from wherever she is going. Well it turns out she had brought lunch. I had walked by the Fatburger in Tempe and on Las Vegas Blvd several times but had not tried either. I had the time so decided to make the 15 minute drive over there.

I did take out so I would not be away from the shop for too long. I arrived about 11:45 on a Friday which should have been a busy lunch crowd. With todays economy I am not sure that is a normal statement any more. The manager was having a smoke on the patio and greeted me on the way in. Three tables were occupied, two full and one with one person. As I walked in and was looking at the order board one of the customers came up to the two people working in the cooking area with a problem. Seems his hamburger wasn't right and there seemed to be a problem describing what he really wanted or by the employees understanding what he was trying to explain. The manager saw the exchange and came in immediately, figured out what was needed and the next hamburger off the grill was prepared correctly and delivered to the table by the manager with apologies. In these days of patrons expecting free meals and future discounts I feel this was the proper way to fix things, the customer was not rude and he got the correct, fresh, not reworked, hamburger in short order, problem fixed without any fuss.

The manager then came over to the register and took my order, sensing it was my first time he guided me through the options. I ordered a Fatburger less mustard, plus cheese ($4.49) and onion rings ($3.29). As he was taking the order he hollered each item out to the staff and when complete took them the paper copy. Must be the corporate way to do this. The order was ready in about 10 minutes. The burger was good but not fantastic, the bun was fresh and soft. I consider it a good thing not to succumb to pressed onion rings however these folks have found a way to squeeze the maximum number of rings per onion. The thin rings of onion with one exception were barely enough there to hold the batter and you could not taste the onion. The oil was at the correct temperature so the batter did not absorb grease or have any off flavor. I would definitely pass on the onion rings next time and try the fries.

Overall it is not a place I would go out of my way for but if it was convenient it wouldn't be out of the question to go again.

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Knitterman said...

wow... a rather underwhelming review! :-)