Monday, December 1, 2008

I am Legend

2007, Will Smith. I should know better. It is listed as a thriller and me and scary movies just do not do well. At the first sign of suspense I turned it off on Saturday night and didn't go back to it until Sunday. I was awakened several times in the night Sunday being chased by the mutants. I guess maybe that is the mark of a good screenplay that it will stick in your mind. I had seen an earlier adaptation of the same novel (The Omega Man, 1971, Charlton Heston) and not thought it scary at all and wanted to see how modern cinematography had changed it. CG has done things to the mutants no makeup artist could ever do. As scary movies go it wasn't bad, just not my thing.


Knitterman said...

I don't recall ever having a bad dream after a movie. But then, I don't normally like thriller type movies anyway, but I've seen a few. Mostly I just figure it's all smoke and mirrors and rarely get sucked into a horror flick. I do, however, get sucked into emotional stuff, like Les Miserable. Even after 8 or 10 viewings in the last couple weeks I still get kinda choked up at several places. Oh well.

If you don't like that genre, why did you rent it?

Anonymous said...

Not all of Will's movies are great and this one sucked..., I recommend you watch the one he did of Mohammed Ali ... overall he is a good actor. -arodnaz