Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I got the last one!

OK, so I get excited about small things. Rather than wait until Christmas eve to do last minute groceries I went out last night after work. Because of where I decided to eat I did the all surface streets thing going up 51st to Bell and across on Bell to 83rd. Sure there was traffic on outer Bell but two days before Christmas it should have been a zoo and it wasn't. The right hand lane at each of the mall entrances was only about 8 cars long and moving steadily. After dinner I went to Walmart. The parking lot was about 1/2 full but it didn't seem that busy inside. I had to laugh, one of the shopping "secrets" at Walmart, Kmart or Target for years has been to check out through the garden shop when it is busy. I was over on that side of the store to get toothpaste and propane and the line was 10-12 carts long. In contrast, this store has 6 20 item or less lines and the manager keeps them staffed when needed, there were no more than 3 carts at any of the registers at any time I saw. :-) Anyway there were lots of bare spaces on the shelves and one of the worst aisles hit was the baking aisle. All I could see for shortening was the big 5 pounders and the sticks that look like butter. So I got up on my toes and way in the back, on the top shelf, behind some peanut shortening was one lone 16oz Crisco which is about a years supply for me. To get to it I had to stand on the bottom shelf of the display on my toes. But I got it!

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Knitterman said...

that reminds me.... I gotta get flour and yeast and other stuff. I have a recipe for pecan sticky buns, and should have some "Grampa Time" with the grands next week. They're all doing Christmas elsewhere, so I'm just staying out of everyone's way this week.