Friday, December 12, 2008


6780 W Thunderbird Rd., Ste. 101, Peoria

This was my second trip there in about 3 months. I moved here from California 15 years ago and have looked for a California type sandwich shop ever since. Along the way I found some good deli sandwiches but not a true California sandwich shop. This is the best I have found and I can get real avocados and sliced sourdough. I think the stuff inside should be the star of the sandwich and a thick sub roll takes it away for me.

Everybody gets coupons in the mail and most of mine seem to be buy one get one or it's someplace I just went to last week or something. I had already planned to go there after my haircut and lo and behold on Wednesday I got a coupon I could actually use. How cool is that? :-)


Knitterman said...

What *exactly* is a "California style" sandwich shop? I'm sure it doesn't mean any of the chains and franchises (duh), but I wasn't much aware of specialty sandwich shops there. At least none that I saw in S.Bar. when I lived there. Granted, I've never ever been real big on eating out anyway, although when I lived on Figueroa I did go out now and again.

SharpScott said...

Actually Submarina (and Togos) is a chain. A California style sandwich shop in general has really fresh breads and veggies, And their selection of ingredients is quite wide. And sub rolls are the option, not the norm. And it is sort of a feel thing. We had a nice mom and pop one near Delco.

Shannon said...

Subway - Fresh bread and I found that they are adding carrots and spinach so I really like that! :)