Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sweet Judy brown (?) eyes

I have no idea what color her eyes are. She is a neighbor of mine and we say say hi when we see each other and that is about it. She was one of the folks that got a bag of cookies when I baked them. She did call up to me at Thanksgiving to come over and eat with her family but I was already about finished cooking my dinner so I declined. Christmas eve as her relatives were showing up I was on the patio and she called up she would be over to see me in a few minutes. Well again I got an invite, which I declined as I was going to cook the scrapple and I hardly know her let alone her relatives, but to see I got fed anyway she had a two plate meal and a bottle of wine for me. A veggie/fruit plate with ranch dressing and the other half of that plate was shrimp with cocktail sauce. The dinner plate had a baked chicken thigh, a fresh roll, sliced onions and carrots that were pickled and I tasted vinegar right away and then the hidden heat hit me, I am thinking there were JalapeƱos in the pickling jar that got removed to hide the evidence. With the pickled vegetables was finely shredded lettuce. The last item has me baffled, it looked like a chocolate chip cookie so I saved it for last but it was some sort of potato pancake that had a thin filling of some sort of meat in the center. It was really good so I will have to ask her what it was. Anyway, it was much appreciated and I got stuffed and will have to compliment her on her cooking the next time I see her.

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Knitterman said...

Sounds like someone wants to get to know you better! :-)