Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Over the weekend one of the lights above the vanity burned out. So I picked up a new one at Wal-Mart last night. Got home and removed the old one and lost control of it and it came crashing down. One of the rules dealing with sharp objects all day is if you lose it back away rather than trying to save the situation. As I did so I blinked and heard the shattering glass sound. Visions of shattered light bulb filled my head. As I looked upon the damage I saw a complete light bulb. Do you think that the used up bulb had broken? Of course not, the bulb was fine. What had shattered was the ceramic toothbrush holder. So I started a new Wal-Mart list as leaving the toothbrushes on the counter is not the most sanitary way of storage.


Knitterman said...

odd, indeed for the bulb to survive and the ceramic thing breaking. But I'm curious... it's just you, so how many toothbrushes are there? :-)

And seriously... get an Oral-B electric, they are awesome, and even my hygienist noticed when I switched from old toothbrush to a plaque-buster. And now they're even better, and cheaper.

SharpScott said...

I have two toothbrushes, morning and night. They get replaced every time I buy toothpaste.