Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shoe laces

Oh, that sinking feeling. Slip into the work shoes. Pull up on the laces and snap, one end comes off in your hand. Take the utility shears and do the quick unlace on BOTH shoes. Open the spare set and find one of them is defective and has a bulge about an inch from the end that prevents it from going through the holes. Have you ever had the joy of lacing a shoe starting at one end? :-)


Shannon said...

In my many years, I've rarely had to buy a pair of laces....the shoes seem to run out before the laces do.

Knitterman said...

Hmph... considering what I do for a living, and how many bizarre tangles involving HUNDREDS of yards of skinny stringie stuff, I'm not prone to extend much sympathy over merely threading no more than a yard or so of stuff into orderly sequenced holes that don't close up of their own accord at the slightest tug.