Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bomberos cafe and wine bar

8801 N Central, Phoenix

This is where the party was that I made the chocolate covered strawberries for last week.

Yelp review:
"Really 3.5 stars rounded up.

I was there on a Friday evening for a birthday party. We had a space reserved near the fire pit outside and other than using the restroom just inside the door I never saw the inside of the place. The patio was large enough there were two parties going on and still several tables left, which being a beautiful evening most were in use. We had brought a cake and they were nice enough to provide a knife and plates/forks for us. Our waiter is where the 4th star was earned. He never wrote anything down, I did not hear that he screwed up any orders for our party of 15 or so. He was very familiar with every item on the food and drink menu. In addition to a couple of beers I had a fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil panini ($10) which was very good and came with a bowl of chips. .When it came time for us to go he already had the checks split. Because of our party size there was a gratuity already added and I am willing to bet I wasn't the only one that added some more.

Two things that cost them 1/2 star. They were out of the only dark beer on the list. That didn't bother me as I wanted a Pilsner anyway but there were at least 2 in our party that wanted the dark beer and had to settle for something else. The parking sucks. There are like 9 parking spots for a bar that could have close to 100 people including employees. The parking spilled over into the business next door and down the side streets and behind another restaurant down the street. I would hate to own a house close to here."

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