Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crazy Otto's Diner

3502 W Greenway Rd., Phoenix

Another Yelper found this place near me and reviewed it a while back and based on the review I bookmarked it at the time. This morning I decided to forgo making my own breakfast and give it a try. Breakfast out is a hard choice for me as I like going out for breakfast but I also enjoy cooking my own.

the review:
"Don't order the pancakes! Well, unless you are going to share. They are bigger than a dinner plate. Otto himself was waiting on me and when I ordered the pancakes with scrambled and bacon he took a look at my aging self and recommended I get the kids portion which only comes with one pancake instead of 3. I still didn't finish it. Most of the omelets are available in a smaller size too.

There is nothing fancy or pretentious about the food, the service or the atmosphere. Just basic and well done. Outside dining is folding chairs and tables. This is not a place you go to be alone with yourself or others in your party. All the tables are in the open and you end up talking to your neighbors and pretty soon you start to feel like one of the family. As an example of basic the check has a list of what was ordered and a total,no line item pricing no break out of tax, just a total. It works and it fits the atmosphere. I got there just before 7 on a Saturday morning and was only the second occupied table at that time. By the time I left at 7:30 it was starting to pick up. They also do take out."

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